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From the Director

Notes from the Director, Winter 2017

Greetings from the members of the WSAA Board. It is the season of giving and many Wickliffe alumni have been very generous to us with their gifts. The recent fundraising mailing was a great success. The letters were sent to those alumni and faculty who were registered at the website, 
The 2017 Super Bowl Raffle committee is working hard to obtain donations and create baskets for the event. The tickets are sold out, but your help is still needed. We can always use volunteers for the night of the event (Saturday, February 4, 2017), donations of themed baskets, and items to help create baskets. Contact Sue Bell for more information. 
The Athletic Hall of Fame induction will take place during the summer of 2017. Visit the website to nominate an athlete or coach.

It has been suggested that we bring back past Homecoming Queens during the 2017 Homecoming Parade. What a wonderful idea. Spread the word and we will see what we can put together for next fall. 
Our next WSAA Board Meeting is January 17, 2017 in the High School Cafeteria at 6:45 pm. Please join us and share your ideas. This would be a great time to bring any donations for the Super Bowl Raffle.

Teri DiMattia Shine, Class of 1972 
WSAA Executive Director & Historian 440-666-9306

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