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WSAA strives to directly and immediately impact the lives of students and alumni while continuing to foster the spirit of community.

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From the Director

Notes from the Director, January 2019

The Wickliffe Schools Alumni Association needs you. Since its rebirth in 2004, the board and committees have seen little change in its members. We continue to work hard to keep this group together to provide special events for alumni and families. Our ultimate goal is to provide scholarships to graduating seniors who want to pursue their dreams of attending a community college, a four-year university or college, or a trade school. Your generosity over the years has provided many scholarships and has been greatly appreciated.

WSAA did not have a fundraiser this winter. Our past Super Bowl Basket Raffles and Reverse Raffles have afforded camaraderie and fun, but these events take many hours of planning and preparation.  Life is busy and complex. We are brainstorming new ideas for fun events and fundraisers, but we need your input or ideas.

Please attend our next Board Meeting on January 15, 2019, at 6:45 pm in the Wickliffe High School Cafeteria.  

Teri DiMattia Shine,
Class of 1972
WSAA Executive Director & Historian

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